Vatican, Pell-Becciu question and answer. The Sardinian prelate: “Enough attacks, my work is always correct”

Question and answer between Cardinal George Pell and Monsignor Angelo Becciu.

Some statements appeared in interviews with the Australian prelate, prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy until 2017 and recently cleared of all accusations of pedophilia in his country, who claimed that the former deputy of the Secretariat of State would have prevented checks on funds of the dicastery, the lawyers of the Sardinian cardinal replied closely.

“Cardinal Angelo Becciu regrets the words attributed to Cardinal George Pell by the press today, relating to the tired re-proposition, albeit in the form of suspicion, of themes of considerable gravity. From the imaginative connections, albeit in the form of doubt, between sums of Vatican Secretariat of State and the accusers of the trial he underwent in Australia, to eccentric emphasis of thought regarding the financial autonomy of the Secretariat “, reads a note from Becciu’s lawyer, Fabio Viglione.

“As for the deplorable allusion to the connections with the serious accusations received – continues the note -, the circumstance was denied clearly by the competent national authorities. He regrets that Cardinal Pell continues to give substance to such suspicions, thus authorizing allusions to imaginative plots that would have been hatched by those who evidently opposed him. And at this point we regret having to announce complaints against anyone, with a singular timing, continues to re-propose this imaginative as well as slanderous connection “. “As for the financial autonomy of the Secretariat of State – continues the statement -, it is good to remember that it has always been defended by the Holy Father, most recently with the Motu proprio ‘Temporal goods’, with which the matter was regulated , excluding the assets managed by the Secretariat of State from the control of the SPE; as well as, by a contemporary pontifical Rescriptum, entrusted to Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State, in which this autonomy was expressly reaffirmed. In this sense, the diversity of views on correct management of the temporal goods of the Church, which Cardinal Becciu claims with the strength of his honesty and faithful service to the Holy Father, cannot authorize the use of mystifications, exploitation and ad personam attacks detached from historical reality “.

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